Please Take Me Home!

love, love, love...

There is in me something that rejoices in evil and glorifies wickedness. I feel powerless against it and I’m scared. Gone are the illusions of help from the world, friends or family in my struggle. I’m truly alone. There’s me, there’s You and there’s him and You are my only refuge in the battle I know now. No one can help me but You. Or someone sent by You. I’m very afraid.

As the world celebrates Your victory over sin, death and him, I pray and ask You to look mercifully upon this wandering, disobedient child that You died for; who helped to kill You; who helped to betray You. Lazy child! Failure! Hypocrite that preaches yet does not act; stays home and avoids churches; out of work and dependent. I know You can turn me around if You choose to. In fact, only You can help me now. Please… Don’t turn away from my pain. I have turned away from eyes overflowing with pain that looked in to mine and I’m asking You to treat me different from how I’ve treated others. I don’t deserve You or Your help. But I ask all the same. Please… Teach me. Correct me! Forgive me. Please… Take me home!

Please… Take me home!