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Heart, Mind & Words Project

I’m tired of all the blunders I’ve made because of my big mouth. And over the years I have learnt that my words are connected to my heart and my mind. Since then I have accepted that I have a mouth issue. Complaining doesn’t do anything, so I’m getting down to work.

Listening to Joyce Meyers, made me realize that one thing I can do is to learn everything I can about my weakness. And as a Christian where else to start but the Bible?

Accordingly my target is to go through the Bible and find out what it says about the human heart, mind and words. And lets see where it goes.. 🙂 Wish me luck.

So here goes:

  1. Genesis 01: Where it all began

2 thoughts on “Heart, Mind & Words Project

  1. Ah! I love Joyce Meyer. She’s one of my biggest influencers in my recovery…The truth sets us free…have you read her book ‘Battlefield of the Mind’? It’s been life changing for me to recognize all the unconscious, defeating thinking patterns I was reacting to and living from. Wow. Prayers for you. So glad you reached out to me.

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