God and Me Against the World

Did you think you had people to support you, help you, comfort you?

If you look around,  yes it would seem as if you were not alone but the truest truth is that you are. When it’s a choice between “me” and “you”,  the majority, even your family, boy friend, and your best friend, will choose “me” instead of you. And you will find yourself alone, betrayed by the people you counted on the most to be there.

You can’t blame them. Because it is human nature. Because there is only one person truly there for you: God. And yet He is the person we neglect the most in our lives!

When you laugh the world laughs with you. When you cry the you cry alone: with only God by your side.

That’s the truth!




Fallen, I’m fallen.

Not Yet Another Failure

I’ve had another fall lord. I failed and I ran.Why can’t I face the world? My eyes fill and my heart quakes. How many times am I to fail. I know this is because I didn’t take counsel of you. I leaned towards my own understanding.

I shouldn’t be surprised at this thing that I’m facing now. You told me my boundaries but I chose to go beyond them before it was time. And as a result I’m returning home a worse failure than before. Please will you take me back? Please will you let me love you and live for you again, satisfied with what you provide for me until YOU send me out…