Genesis 01: Where it all began [Heart-Mind-Words Project]

Image by Thai Jasmine (Take good care :-)) via Flickr

Maybe the first chapter of the Bible doesn’t speak point blank about my heart, mind or words. But by seeing how God conducted His greatest project, I can learn something fundamental.

Notice how all over this chapter the phrase “God said…” appears? And also notice how the phrase “God saw that it was good” appear? This idea keeps repeating.

It seems to me that God followed a fundamental plan when creating life on Earth.

  1. See as a mental picture the final outcome and know exactly what He wants to create (Mind)
  2. Speak it out. The finalized idea. Not more. Not less. God doesn’t waste words because word has power. (Mouth)
  3. Finally, enjoy the work done and see that it IS very good! (Heart)

Now this is just an idea. What if WE follow these steps in our life?