I think I survived the crisis point…

It’s amazing how a few difficult months can teach you, years’ worth of wisdom and experience.

Looking back at today compared with all my other days in the past couple of months, I see a BIG difference. It’s like opening up my eyes for the first time after just passing the crisis point of a terrible sickness and knowing I survived. Now my only need is a deep and restful sleep to heal, which I’m sure God in His grace will provide. I feel peaceful, free and alive after a long time.

One consolation for all the times I”ve fallen are the many lessons I learnt out of the experience. One lesson that will stick with me will be that I must first be a christian with my inner circle. God, my self and with my family in that order… All others come after. It doesn’t matter if you’re the kindest, most caring person to all your friends, if you are a screaming sister and a lazy, undutiful daughter at home.. That was a bittersweet eye opener for me.

Then again, I read a lot. From cotton candy romances to beautiful classics (that ought to be taken in moderate doses) to some real positive books authored by christians like  C. S. Lewis. I must say, even the, romances gave one or two insights in to human behaviour. Other positive people, whose speeches and writings that really helped during these days were Joyce Meyer and Norman Vincent Peale.

So here I am. A couple of years worth of wisdom added to my name. I”m all ready to see what the next few months are going to bring me.. What ever it is, I know that God knows what He’s doing, even though I am clueless.