A sad day it was that sin entered our world to confuse and harass us. Why is it that we choose sin constantly, knowing its harmful consequences? After all, everything is a choice, having being made in the image of God with a thing called a free will. It has been a curse as well as a blessing. Out of unconditional love, God gave us free will. Knowing full well the threat we face, with free will in hand. Humans could become good or bad and it was our choice. He chose not to have puppets or slaves out of love for us.

Day in and day out we struggle with sin. Some we have already confessed to God about and think we’re over and done with them. But they return to haunt us with promises of good times and we fall in to the clever trap. We wish we could just remove sin from life but it isn’t easy (sigh).

We know it is God that we hurt through our sin. But we forget that we’re bought at a price and that we’re not ours any more. We’re God’s now. And it is as God’s men and women we should live. However looking at our life with eyes of truth we know, we are even ashamed to admit, that ours is a life far from the standards of the Lord. We’re no lights in the world. In fact, we’ve become poles in the mud, swinging dangerously this way and that way, all ready to fall back in to the depths God brought us out from. The fire God invoked within us is down and we are lifeless and listless without Him.

The good news is that God hasn’t given up on us. God hasn’t stopped loving us. God hasn’t given up hope or stopped trying. He continuously puts us through opportunities to open our eyes. Ah, we know in side that we miss Him, that no pleasure in the world can satisfy our craving for the Lord, nor no relationship; even the very best. And so we want to come back. We want to lose ourselves in the Lord, and be no more. We want ‘us’ to die and Him to live within us. We just want to embrace the life that He leads us to and just break the hold sin has over us. Oh Lord take us back home!


Dreams and Little Steps

Rainbow Valley

Image by rwangsa via Flickr

Storms come. They whip and snap and turn you and whirl you this way and that way until you’re all dizzy and fallen. You’re at the bottom; the pitless bottomest bottom. The world is pitch black around you and you fear to keep even one step forward, because it could turn in to something worse! You’re thirsty and hungry for a little bit of affection and a little bit more of love, appreciation and gentleness. You’re previous attempts at achieving the dream of being loved turned out a failure.

Then out of all the darkness appear a weak shaft of light. You see the glimmer of something you never thought you would see or find. But ofcourse, it’s just out of reach! Shall I reach for it, or shall I not? Shall I jump for it or shall I wait to see what the light is all about without running headlong and impatient into another danger… Shall I allow myself to dream again? Or shall I tell myself that there is no use? And that I mustn’t dream because dreams never come true??